Back in the day – an elopement was a cheap, impulsive, last-minute, badly planned and even shameful way to get married.


For me, it is the most wonderful way to get married. In a time and place chosen by you, for you. A day where you will feel loved, every second of it and where you can be yourselves - whatever that means to you!

Evelina & Frederic are hugging each other as the sun sets behind the mountains outside Tromsø.

The Wedding industry of today is spinning out of control with focus primarily on all of those things that, in 10 years, won't even matter to you. The colour of the curtains, the amount of candlesticks on the tables or how many guests you have to invite. An elopement is all about shifting the focus back to you and your love for each other, and how you want to spend the day you promise yourselves to each other. It strips away all of the “stuff” and “must-do:s”, which a traditional wedding often includes. You will not be required to put on a show for other people, but simply stay true to your hearts and FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD!

An elopement is about choosing a meaningful and genuine wedding day, that reflects your relationship with each other and where all the focus will be on you – spending an amazing day (or even days!) together! Now, I don’t mean this like in “you’re-gonna-stand-at-the-centre-of-the-stage-with-all-eyes-on-you”-focus, but more in like “oh-I-will-stand-here-next-to-the-love-of-my-life-and-just-smell-their-wonderful-scent-in-the-air”-focus. Quite different!

Sanna & Patrik cuddling in the sunset out on the cliffs outside Smögen in Bohuslän, Sweden.

An elopement for you might mean just the two of you, horseback riding, climbing a mountain or just exploring a new place together. It can also be you and your immediate families at the foot of a waterfall on Iceland or in the deep forests of Sweden. It can also be just you two and your closest friends having a wild night together – whatever suits you is what your elopement is all about!