You’ve decided to go through with an elopement (yaaay! Congrats to you both!!) and now you are wondering: why should we hire a photographer for our elopement? 

I am not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to give you my thoughts on the subject. 

Swedish Elopement Photographer Maria Karlsson Wild love by Maria Adventure wedding in New Zealand

By having an elopement, you actively make a choice to spend your wedding day together with your significant other, either just the two of you or maybe with your closest friends and family. Maybe you are starting to wonder about this whole photographer thing.


By eloping you are really making an active choice about what you want to do and where you want to be on your wedding day. This makes this day even more special – in my eyes – and having memories from your best day ever with your loved one – is that something to be taken lightly? You are choosing to have the most genuine and caring wedding day ever – heck yes of course your memories of this day also should be remembered this way!


I’d say that it is even more important with a photographer for elopements, just because it will be you and your love, together for the entirety of the day, experiencing AMAZING things (I kid you not!) and having the time of your life. You will be smiling, hugging, kissing, maybe dancing a little and be all jittery and have butterflies in your stomachs. This alone calls for amazing photos to go with the experience. To allow you to remember and relive EVERY MOMENT of your amazing wedding day – for generations to come! But also, since this is such an intimate moment, maybe it is just the two of you, it is even more important to capture this, so you can share your experience with your family and friends, that didn’t spend the day with you.


Your wedding day is by no means less important than a traditional wedding day! Not at all and maybe even the opposite – because you are choosing to do something that your souls desire, you are brave enough to go your own way and celebrate YOUR LOVE, together!